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Your pet(s) can stay in familiar surroundings while being cared for by a professional, insured pet sitter who will make sure they get all the care they require. We can visit your home around the same time that their usual meal times or walks would happen which helps them stick to their regular schedules and keeps them the most comfortable while you are away.

Having us visit your home also keeps the stress down for your pet who may be overstimulated at a boarding facility if they aren’t used to a new environment, additional noise, smells, or just having so many unfamiliar animals around. Having them at home will also keep them safe from any possible illnesses that could be passed on to them while there.

We supply all of our crew with reusable masks and disposable gloves that they will wear the entirety of the visit. We will remove our gloves when leaving, inside-out, put them in a poop bag (because we have SO MANY poop bags), and use hand sanitizer before entering our vehicle to prevent cross contamination between households.

Pet-sitting includes visiting the client’s house, scooping litter boxes, feeding, medicating, snuggling, playing with, walking, and letting out the pets. Our visits also include time tracking. In our pet portal you will receive a notification when our crew member arrives letting you know your visit has begun. Once the visit is complete, you can view the past schedule services and view the accompanying report for more information.

Yes, I Sit Too! Pet Sitting is insured and bonded.¬†Having insurance (pet, property, and liability insurance) means that not only are we protected, but so are you and your pets. If anything were to happen to your pet while you were away and your pet needed medical attention, we wouldn’t bat an eye to take them in to receive the best care possible. If your pet got away from us and ran off, we’re covered for costs for flyers and other searching means. If anything were to happen to your home, your belongings, or your property due to our negligence or misconduct, you would be covered – and so would we. Being “bonded” means that our employees and trainers are also covered under these circumstances, not just our business and business owner. It also means that if a theft were to occur, you and your assets would be covered.

Our pet sitting software, Time to Pet, is an online portal that stores all of your sensitive information. The site is secure and is only accessible to you and your assigned crew members.

Each of our crew members has a password-protected app on their phone that gives them access to this information so that there is no paper trail. When your sitter has your keys there is nothing on them that would ever link those keys back to you. Each crew member has their own login so that they can quickly access the details for the client they are servicing.

When you sign up for our services an account is created in Time To Pet for you. You will be emailed your password once you fill out our Get Started form. Once you have your accounts created you can log in to the Client Portal using any internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc.). After logging in, you can add your pets into your account with all of the information we require to care for them. Some of it is required, some of it is optional but the more information we have the better we can love your fuzzy (or not so fuzzy) family members while you’re away.

If you recently added a new member to your family or moved to a new address, just log back in and make your updates. We will be notified immediately. No back and forth phone tag. No wondering if we have the address correct in our files. You make the update and that is the only thing we see when accessing your account to visit your pets.

If you are using an Apple iPhone/iPad or an Android phone/tablet you can just download the app from the App Store or Google Play instead of logging into the Client Portal through a browser.

You bet! If you are using an Apple iPhone/iPad or an Android phone/tablet you can just download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

Don’t have those? Not a problem, you can always log in to the Client Portal through a browser.

Our app lets you update your personal information and any specific instructions regarding access to your property (like gate codes, alarm codes, parking instructions, etc.). You can also add pets and update their information! This lets you provide all the necessary information on behaviour, feeding, medications, and anything else we may need to care for your pet.

Once all of this information is entered, you can schedule any of our services for any of your pets. If you have any problems using the app just send us a message and we can walk you through and help you out.

We care for a variety of pets! From dogs and cats to bunnies and reptiles. We can take care of pretty much any legal household pet.

Does your cat go for walks? Please let us walk your cat…

We charge by time not by number of pets for both our drop-in services and walking. If we are dropping-in or walking one pet or two it will be the same price for you and we can split this time up however you like! For example, we could walk two dogs at the same time or if you prefer 15 minutes each.

Some exceptions may exist but we will discuss these situations during the booking process if they should arise.

In Saskatchewan it is illegal to offer boarding of pets in one’s private home, if within city limits. We also find that it is less stressful on the pet if they remain in their own home, as it is a familiar environment.

Our overnight services are $175/night plus tax. Our sitter will stay from 9PM to 7AM and drop-in once during the day. Our overnight services may be a little more costly than some but we pay our sitters hourly and this covers all of our costs. If you have any other questions just let us know!

Within Saskatoon city limits (unless arranged otherwise) we can pick up your pet and transport them where ever they need to go. This could include to and from daycare, the vet, or a grooming appointment.

When booking make sure to book a taxi service for both ways if required!

First, we try contacting you. Second, we try your emergency contact. If anything happens to your pets, we will immediately take them to the veterinarian. We will do our best to take your pet to their regular veterinarian, but if it is emergent, we will take them to the Veterinary Medical Centre at the University of Saskatchewan as they are equipped as an emergency facility. Our business insurance helps to cover the cost of these emergent situations so that our sitters don’t have to worry about how to pay for these life-saving services.

We are owned by a Registered Veterinary Technologist certified by Fear Free Pets who can handle these needs. When unavailable, the crew members are trained to handle situations such as diabetes, epilepsy and more. All crew members are certified in pet first aid and CPR as well.

Make sure the instructions we need are updated under your pet in our portal and if scheduling for this reason make sure to let us know.

While you are away we send daily photos and updates to fill you in on what your pets are up to. This will be through the client portal app on your phone.

You will receive an in-app notification when our crew member arrives. With our time and GPS tracked services you will also see a check-in time/check-out time and exactly where we walked with your pet. This information will be available under your scheduled services on the Past tab once the visit is complete.

Whether it be a break-in, damage, or a fire, we are covered under our business insurance to protect you and ourselves. We are both insured and bonded.

Our sitters are certified in Pet First Aid and CPR, and the owner of the business is a registered veterinary technologist certified by Fear Free Pets; she is at the sitters’ beck and call if they have any questions regarding the pets and their well-being.

While we do have an office location, we are often out pet sitting or walking dogs. Our office hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, but calls will often go to voicemail as we are looking after pets from as early as 6am to as late as 9pm.

For drop-in visits and walks, we are with your pet the scheduled amount of time. For overnights, we stay from 9pm to 7am.

Yes! Although we do charge a mileage fee, we cover areas surrounding Saskatoon such as Martensville, Warman, Rosthern, Aberdeen, Dundurn, Vanscoy, Delisle, and Asquith. In general, we pet sit within Saskatoon and then 50km past, in each direction. If your area is not listed above, we may still be able to help you out. Just give us a call or email and we can answer any questions you may have.

We take cash, card, and e-transfer. For e-transfers please remember to include your name or invoice number so we can identify who the payment is coming from.